What's the importance of logging my food? How do I do that?


It is important that you log your daily food because the application automatically shuffles your meal plan and daily intake based on the food that you eat. Whether you follow a specific meal plan or just count calories on your own, the exhaustive food list that we have will be of great help.

Please follow the below steps to better understand how to log food:

1. From diary screen, press the “+” button is part of the bottom tabs bar.
2. Press "Food" or the utensils icon after the menu expands.
3. Select/Search for a food item. We have over 60,000 food items.
4. Press the “+” link link that appears next to the food item.
5. Press “+ Add to meal” to start building the meal that you had.
6. Press "View Meal" to confirm all items. Press the minus sign to delete items.
7. Before you leave the screen, make sure you hit the "Save" link.