Is it important that I log my daily activity? Is sleep that important?


Yes, it is important that you log your daily activity in order to provide the application with the data that it needs in order to provide you with personalized meal and workout plans that will better assist you in achieving your goals.

One of the things that are essential is your daily sleep. Please follow the below steps to better understand how to log sleep:

1. From diary screen, press the “+” button is part of the bottom tabs bar.
2. Press "Sleep" or the crescent's icon after the menu expands.
3. Press on “Start” to fill in the sleep time. Be mindful for the AM/PM.
4. Press on “End” to fill in the wake up time and the app will count the hours.
5. Press on the chart to determine the quality of your sleep.
6. Before you leave the screen, make sure you hit the "Save" link.