How can I fill in my food allergies and intolerances?


If you are a new Member at Lowcal App and you want to fill in your Food allergies and/or intolerances, please follow the below steps:

1. You should be logged in either using the iOS/Android App.
2. Navigate to your Profile from the bottom tabs bar.
3. Press Settings Icon that appears at the top right corner.
4.Under “Food Preferences”, you will find “Allergies”.
5. Press the “Edit” link that appears next to “Allergies & Intolerances”.
6. Select the allergies and intolerances from the list.
7. Make sure you save the changes before you exit the screen.

Note: Please make sure you only choose the food allergies and intolerances that you are certain of. Your upcoming meal plan will take your allergies into consideration.