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Lowcal App in a nutshell

Lowcal App is a simple and comprehensive diet and workout planner. It brings valuable nutrition insights in just one tap, as well as makes it quick and easy to track everything that matters most in a weight loss journey. Our Premium Subscriptions start from $7 per month.

Fast and easy food tracking

1. Vast Food Database that contains tens of thousands of foods and meals
2. Food Insights which will help in making healthier food choices
3. Calorie Counter that calculates calories in foods, meals and recipes automatically
4. Nutrients Tracking makes it easier to track fat, protein, and carbs intake automatically
5. Personalized Diary that keeps track of logged breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and other meals too
6. Water Tracking can be challenging, so our tracker helps making it easier and faster

Goal Setting

1. Program: We support programs that include; lose weight, build muscle, eat healthy, and more
2. Goal: Lowcal app helps creating the suitable personalized goal for each body type
3. Habits: With the support of Lowcal Nutritionists, habits can be improved dramatically

Activity Tracking

1. Over 250 fat burning workout plans and exercises are demonstrated in videos
2. The app can keep track of exercises, feelings, body analysis, and body measurements
3. Steps are just another important performance indicator that should be tracked

Get the motivation you need

1. Lowcal Community gives all the motivation, support, tips, and advice
2. Our Nutritionists who give all insights and support that are needed

For extended features, Lowcal Premium provides:

1. Wide variety of Diets; Ketogenic, Atkins, Paleo, Intermittent Fasting, Vegan, Vegetarian, Balanced, etc.
2. Short Meal Plans that include; Rapid Weight Loss, Sugar Detox, Body Cleansing, DASH Plan, etc.
3. Access to our vast recipe library in addition to recipe suggestions for assigned daily meals
4. Workout Plans that improve metabolism, all doable at home and require no equipment
5. Smart Body Analyzer which measures BMI, Fat, Visceral Fat, Subcutaneous Fat, Muscle Mass, and more


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