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Tips to stay healthy

What is the secret of the ability of many to maintain good health? How do they resist all the difficulties and problems in life? To provide a satisfactory answer, we will present some effective tips for maintaining health, looking at the psychological and physical factors.

Do you want to avoid going to the doctor and to stay healthy? Here is some invaluable advice that you will know for the first time.

First ... stay away from white toxins:
Salt, sugar and white flour, these three are known as white toxins, where they should be avoided as much as possible because they are harmful to health and cause many diseases. Reduce salt and you can replace sugar with honey as well as use brown flour instead.

Second ... chew vegetables well:
Chewing food well increases the proportion of cancer-fighting chemicals released by vegetables such as broccoli, kidney, cabbage, and cauliflower.

Third ... Daily walking:
Daily walking for half an hour or an hour reduces the possibility of developing cancer by 18% and helps to get rid of approximately 3 kilograms a year and maintains the body strength.

Fourth ... Eating a lot of almonds:
It is preferable to eat almonds between daily meals and when feeling hungry, they are rich in nutrients that may be lacking in the daily diet.


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