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Benefits of strawberry

Strawberries are one of the favorite fruits of many people. It has a pleasant aroma and delicious taste, and it is included in many sweets’ recipes.

Although strawberries contain a high percentage of vitamin C, which is considered an antioxidant; preserves tissue cells; heart health and it helps to heal wounds, its red color protects the heart, just like tomatoes because they contain lycopene.

Here are the most important health benefits of strawberries:

1. It strengthens the memory. According to a study published in "Neurology", flavonoids stimulate signaling pathways between laboratory cells, so eating two or three servings of strawberries per week can help slow the memory decline that occurs with age.

2. Fiber and diabetes. Strawberries are rich in fibers that help regulate blood sugar levels. In addition to that it does not cause a rise in the level of sugar because it has a low degree in the blood sugar index.

3. Cancer resistance. Strawberries are antioxidant in addition to that, they are rich in lutein, which suppresses the growth of cancer cells and enhances immunity.

4. Weight loss. Each cup of strawberries contains only 53 calories, and because it is rich in fibers, strawberries can be eaten frequently, as the fibers give a feeling of satiety. It’s ideal for weight loss.

5. For pregnant women. A pregnant diet recommends eating all foods rich in folic acid (or vitamin B9), such as strawberries. Folic acid helps the healthy growth of the brain and nerves of the fetus.

6. Bone strengthening. Strawberries contain many nutrients, such as manganese and potassium, and they help to strengthen bones.


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