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Better food storage

Fruits and vegetables are extremely important to be on the individuals list for a better healthy life. It is a source of fiber and also preserves memory.

Despite the many benefits that contain fruits and vegetables, many people do not know how and when to store foods in the fridge in a proper way to keep the essential nutrients useful in them.

Many people allow storing all fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator is the best way to store them, but this is not true, and they need specific packaging methods to keep them if possible. Therefore, the appropriate methods of preserving vegetables and fruits according to type.

Most vegetables and fruits can be stored and well preserved in the fridge, the berries are more than a fragile fruit and easily exposed to rot so they should be kept for a long time or kept in ventilated vessels, while onions, potatoes, garlic, it is better to keep them in a cool and dark place in the kitchen.

How to package and store vegetables and fruits?
1. Place the fruits at room temperature until they are ripe before they are placed in the refrigerator.
2. Bring a medium sized plastic bag.
3. Perforated about 20 holes in the bag.
4. Put each fruit or vegetable in a separate bag.
5. Put the fruit in a tray separate from the vegetable tray.
6. They can generally be used after 5 days at most.


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