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Take off extra weight

Excess weight is a concern that worries many people, the extra weight causes health and psychological problems. The difficulty is exacerbated when people find it hard to get rid of this extra weight, due to having to commit to a specific diet program and/or the lack of time to exercise.

How to lose extra weight:

First: The realistic way where a goal is set:
To lose weight, you should have have strong determination, an incentive to work hard, and a realistic goal to lose at least 5% to 10% of your current weight within 3 to 6 months.

Second: Follow a healthy and safe diet:
Gradually reduce the amount of food eaten in each meal and ensure that the meal is inclusive of all nutrients.

Third: Improve some of your eating habits:
. Drink a glass of water before eating helps to fill the stomach.
. Eat food when watching TV increases the amount of food that is eaten without feeling.
. Start eating a large plate of green salad without oil.
. Eat slowly and chewing well.

Fourth: Exercise more often:
. In the morning, do some abdominal exercises and run around for 10 minutes.
. Begin practicing walking five minutes a day until you reach half an hour over time.
. Always use the stairs instead of the elevator.
. A brisk walk helps burn more calories.


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