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Keep your kidneys healthy

The kidneys perform two vital functions for the body "to regulate fluids and rid the body of toxic waste." And whenever the kidneys enjoy good health, you clean the blood from waste well and send it to urine, so you must keep the kidneys healthy.

If the kidneys health is affected, the patient is at risk of developing anemia, weak bones, fluid retention in the body, high blood pressure, increased risk of infection and kidney stones. To help maintain kidney health, the following is recommended:

Tips to keep your kidneys healthy:

• Don't eat too much, such as carbohydrates (sugars), proteins (meat) and fats.
• Eat fresh vegetables and fruits daily, as they are the secret to health, agility and vitality.
• Excessive food intake early in life and increases the incidence of diseases.
• Exercise helps increase blood flow to the kidneys and excrete the amount of waste through sweating, in addition to burning fats and fats that cause pressure on the kidneys.
• It is preferable to conduct a periodic examination of the kidneys once every 6 months through blood tests and ultrasound imaging to check on the health of the kidneys.


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