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Benefits of hibiscus flower

Hibiscus plant is about two meters long. It has red stalks and grows in Sudan and Southern Egypt. The part used is the leaves that surround the flower. When the leaves dry out, their color becomes either dark red or light red. Hibiscus drink is popular all over the world, and is often used as a herbal medication. It is pure red in color, has a sour taste (sometimes known as the sour tea), and has a flavor similar to cranberry.

Four Amazing benefits for hibiscus herbal tea:

1. Acne treatment: The natural anti-inflammatory substances and the vitamin C, which hibiscus contains, stop acne growth and hide the scars that may result from it.

2. Increase immunity level: This is one of the most important benefits that hibiscus flowers offer, as it increases the immunity level of the body.

3. Maintain fluid balance: According to ancient Ayurvedic science, hibiscus flower extract can help maintain fluid balance in the body. It was used in the past to treat edema and fluid retention.

4. Reduce cholesterol levels: Antioxidants in hibiscus juice help reduce cholesterol in the blood.

Other benefits include:

. Lowers high blood pressure
. Increases speed of blood circulation
. Strengthens heart rate
. Moisturizes stomach and stimulates digestion
. Prevents thirst (never use it instead of water)
. Restricts the growth of cancerous tumors
. Helps relieve the pain of gout and rheumatism


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