Bad eating habits to avoid Back

Bad eating habits to avoid

We do eat - or we are supposed to eat - several meals a day that contain all the necessary elements that supplement the body with energy to keep it active, while children have the elements necessary for their growth, which without they will not grow at the same rate they should.

However, people tend to follow bad after-meal habits that negatively impact health and digestive system, such as; going for a walk, having a cup of tea or coffee, indulging themselves with something sweet like fruits, or even have nap as they think a rest is needed.

Here we share some of the habits that we urge you to avoid after meals:

- Tea: Having a cup of tea after meals is one of the most common mistakes that almost everybody does! Studies have shown that tea contains a group of acids that break down the protein, which is consumed from food, and prevents the body from absorbing it.

- Bathing: It redirects the flow of blood towards arms and legs at the time body needs to pump more blood into the stomach to stimulate the digestion process, which can slow down digestion.

- Eating Fruits: Eating fruits with or right after a meal complicates the digestion process, as the stomach ferments the food and turns it into acid. The best time to eat fruits either on empty stomach or before having meals.

- Smoking: It has been proven that smoking a cigarette immediately after a meal is equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes. Over time, this would increase the chances of several types of cancer disease. It is ideal to quit smoking altogether.

- Walking: It is common in the Middle East that people eat and then take a walk. Nevertheless, walking immediately after a meal makes the absorption process more difficult in the stomach. You are advised to wait for an hour at least before going for a walk.


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