Most Dangerous Diets Back

Most Dangerous Diets

Many of you follow various types of diets in order to lose weight. You may end up losing several kilograms during the first week with such diets, but such weight loss will not last for long.

When you lose an average of 4 to 5 kilograms in the first week, this does not mean that you have got rid of the visceral and/or subcutaneous fat stored in the body. You will most likely lose water, glycogen and protein from your muscles. Here are some dangerous diet types:

The solo food diet:
By following such diets, your body will lose essential elements which will make you feel depressed, frustrated, and bored of eating these particular foods.

Detox diet:
Persistence on eating fruits and vegetables for 3 to 5 days while being under the impression of cleansing/cleaning your body are simply allegations that have not been scientifically proven. Your body will lose many nutrients and chances of success are minimal.

Fluid diet:
Staying away from food for a whole week and replacing it with carrot & tomato juice, tea, coffee, and soda will not make you achieve the results you want. Instead your body will lose iron which will reduce energy levels and will keep you hungry. There must be a balance between foods and liquids.


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