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With Lowcal, you will get the wearables and gadgets that you need to automatically measure your performance and track your healthy and unhealthy habits. We’ll help you pick the right food and eat the right portion sizes to reach your personal health goals

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Our personalized plans help you reach your goals. They are equipped with a variety of simple and delicious recipes that span all the macronutrients and are designed by nutritionists

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Weekly plans customized to your fitness level. They are effective 5 - 20 minute sessions that increase metabolism, strength, and build endurance. our exercises are science-backed, can be done at home, and proved to be ideal for body toning

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Log your food, activity, sleep, medication, and many more to track your progress. We’ve made things fast and easy with shortcuts to your favorite meals and a huge library of foods. Hey, you can even voice record your entries if you are in a rush

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Nutrition Advice

What are fibers?

Fiber is a food component that the human body cannot digest. They pass through the digestive system all the way out of the body without being digested, which helps to regulate the activity of bowels and cleans them from cholesterol and food .....

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Fitness Tips

Benefits of walking

Studies confirm that fast walking and exercising for two hours a week in a way that makes it a regular habit contribute to lowering blood pressure, reducing weight, and preventing heart disease & stroke. Although it is a very easy sport, it .....

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Nutrition Facts

Snacks to Lose Weight and Burn Fat

If you are facing problems in losing weight, we advise you to eat healthy snacks during the day, you will feel full and you will be able to control your diet and help you keep fit. Here are some snacks to lose weight and burn fat: Salted .....

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Health Tips

Tips to Stay Healthy

What is the secret of the ability of many to maintain good health? How do they resist all the difficulties and problems in life? To provide a satisfactory answer, we will present some effective tips for maintaining health, looking at the .....

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Healthy Drinks

Drinks that Burn Fat in Ramadan

Some people suffer from weight gain during the month of Ramadan, which makes them postpone all diet and weight control related plans until the end of the holy month, while there is a variety of drinks that can help taking off extra weight and .....

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Nutrition Facts

Strawberries’ Benefits for the body

Strawberries are one of the favorite fruits of many people. It has a pleasant aroma and delicious taste, and it is included in many sweets’ recipes. Although strawberries contain a high percentage of vitamin C, which is considered an antioxidant; .....

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Health Tips

Reduce body dryness in Ramadan

Dehydration is one of the most common symptoms during Ramadan due to low consumption of water. Dehydration occurs when the body loses more water and fluids than it consumes, which may cause headache, lethargy, and constipation. Children, elderly, .....

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Health Tips

Better food storage

Fruits and vegetables are extremely important to be on the individuals list for a better healthy life. It is a source of fiber and also preserves memory. Despite the many benefits that contain fruits and vegetables, many people do not know how .....

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Problems & Solutions

How to take off extra weight

Excess weight is a concern that worries many people, the extra weight causes health and psychological problems. The difficulty is exacerbated when people find it hard to get rid of this extra weight, due to having to commit to a specific diet .....

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Health Tips

How to avoid dehydration

People normally complain a lot about dehydration especially in Summer. Human body may suffer from dehydration because of sweating, urinating as well as breathing. Dehydration is a condition that results when the body loses more water than it .....

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